IWP Branding

Rebranding for a member-based social organisation

The International Women in Portugal required an overhaul of their brand to echo their vibrance, diversity and relevance.

The concept of the logo is based on the iconic Azulejos tiles of Portugal, reflecting the mosaic of different cultures and personalities that make up IWP’s member base. Even though they come with their imperfections and differences, the IWP women are all beautiful in their individuality. Together, they form a strong identity and support network.

Vibrant tones of blue with a hint of violet brings out their enthusiasm and energy whilst enhancing feminine strength.

The tone of voice developed is spilt in two parts; the community/support aspect and the active/life enhancing or horizon broadening aspect of IWP.

Writing is conversational, jargon free with fewer compound sentences. The essence drew from the IWP mission and values.

Together with the visual identity and internal philosophy, IWP is reborn with a stronger, more consistent brand.


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