We’ve got the best minds on the job.

Eagle8 creates best-in-class bespoke customer-focused branding and web design for vision-driven businesses.

You find us where great ideas are.

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Eagle8 is a creative collective.

We look at the world a little differently to most. We are unconventional, genuine and human.

These attributes help build meaningful relationships with our clients, getting to the heart of their business goals. Combined with data-driven background and work process, they shape beautiful, memorable work that actually gets you more leads and sales.

We grow your business by connecting your customers to your brand.

The Collective

Female scientist in front of vials
Gosia Kornijów
Graphic design, Illustration, Marketing, Copywriting, Branding, Art direction
scientist in front of monitoring equipment
Rommel Gracias
Graphic design, Branding, Web design, Web development, Strategy, Art direction
Scientist handling vials
Vlad Moraru
Animation, Branding, Video production, Illustration
Scientist giving seminar in front of electronics
Tani Obasaju
Data science, Behavioural economics, Analytics, Psychology
lady scientist turning a knob
Sergio Stone
User experience, User interface, Accessibility
Marshall Takundwa
Copywriting, content strategy, storytelling
Ideals for Doing logo
Ideals for Doing work with start-ups and industry leaders who know that branding has the power to transform businesses, lifestyles and society for the better! They add value by refining brands, building relationships and taking action in the world.
Their question to you is: do you know where you need to be?
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miguelseven logo
miguelseven.com is a communications company with a focus on social media and online communities. It helps organisations design memorable shared experiences and unlocks the magical process of storytelling to help build or re-build brands.
miguelseven.com works globally with a wide range of stakeholders that enables delivery of projects of almost any size and scope.
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At Eagle8, our clients become part of our dedicated team, selected among accomplished professionals in art direction, design, data science, web design, copywriting and marketing. Together, we grow your business.