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Eagle8 is a creative collective of designers, developers, writers and creative thinkers.

Our work helps brands and organisations communicate with their customers in a very authentic, meaningful and human way by applying curiosity, logic and a healthy dose of creative thinking to design, digital development and communication.

We push the boundaries of creativity. We are dreamers and doers who bring versatility, knowledge and experience to everything we do.

Our clients want to be the change that matters.


Brand identity
Visual language
Brand philosophy
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Art direction


Direct response
Digital marketing


Web development
App creation
Product management

At Eagle8, we don’t believe in having ‘bosses’. But we do believe in our partners. Our horizontal structure allows us to work closely together and learn from each other because although creativity can’t be owned, it can be mastered.

From our clients to collaborators, at Eagle8 our relationships are key to creating innovative and successful work.

The partners are made up of carefully picked individuals and businesses that share our ethos and our curiosity, allowing us to dig deep and place your brand above the rest.

Get to know this motley crew of creatives, scientists and engineers who will be working on your next project.


Gosia Kornijów

Gosia Kornijów


With over ten years experience as a graphic designer and illustrator, Gosia brings emotion, flair, and a non-conventional perspective to her craft. Gosia’s Masters in linguistics means that words are as important as colour and form. An all-round communicator…and gifted dancer.

Tani Obasaju

Tani Obasaju

Data Scientist

Tani hails from Brixton, London, where he worked at the Home Office before landing the post of Principal Statistician at  the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). A degree in Psychology deepened his understanding of  data and customer behaviours. He is mostly found around the DJ at a party, trying to put HIS music on.

Rommel Gracias

Rommel Gracias

Creative Director

Early interest in arts, designing for tattoo studios, graffiti and a degree in packaging design are a few things that have led Rommel into a successful 20 years in the creative industry, with a focus on marketing for the last 11. He revels in finding creative solutions for business problems. Ask him about his love for Ska music if a you have a few hours to spare.

Ricardo Cabanelas

Ricardo Cabanelas

Back-end Developer

Ricardo has a lengthy track record in the telecommunications field as a PHP developer. His real passion lies in web technology and computing. He believes that creativity can be expressed in several ways, and that multidisciplinary thinking is the path to achieving great results. Ricardo spends his time with his wife and kids enjoying the great Portuguese food and weather.

Tani Obasaju

Eamonn Doran


Eamonn is from Dublin, Ireland. He collaborates with partners to analyse and create compelling content. His Master’s Degree in Creative Writing gives him the skills to explore, understand and produce different styles of writing. For Eamonn, it is all about words. He uses words to connect you to the world. He finds the words to communicate clearly what you do, and how well you do it. When he is not at his computer, you will find him walking by a cold sea, or shouting at some match or other.

Ideals for Doing

Ideals for Doing work with start-ups and industry leaders who know that branding has the power to transform businesses, lifestyles and society for the better! They add value by refining brands, building relationships and taking action in the world.

Their question to you is: do you know where you need to be?

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miguelseven.com is a communications company whose worked is focused on social media and online communities. It helps organisations design memorable shared experiences and unlocks the magical process of story-telling to help build or re-build brands.

miguelseven.com works globally with a wide range of stakeholders that enables delivery of projects of almost any size and scope.

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We’d love to get to know you and see how we can help. Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.